Friday, June 3, 2016

So...You Want to Buy A Colorado Horse Ranch?

Of Course you DO!
EVERYONE wants to ride horses in Colorado, well, DON'T THEY?  I sure do!  But before you go signing on the dotted line on that perfect piece of Horse Property, here are a FOUR things I am hoping your BUYERS AGENT has educated you about:
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1.  Subdivision rules & regs: do they allow for livestock specifically horses? how many? Who governs this subdivision? County or HOA? PLEASE be sure to ASK that question and get a satisfactory answer BEFORE your Inspection Objection Deadline!
2.  Trails! Are there trails available nearby where you can just ride off into the sunset? Are they dedicated or not? Are they game trails? Cattle Trails? or Sneak Attack trails across private property? If so, don't be surprised if that remote piece of heaven gets fenced out one day while you aren't looking.  Happens more and more these days! Be sure to ASK permission before you go traipsing across someones private property.  Some folks take exceptions to strangers just riding through without permission!

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3.  Can you get your horse trailer UP to your new little love nest in the mountains? Do you have to excavate half of Colorado to access your little mountain hideaway? Can you park down below and ride them ponies up to the cabin or will you be building your barn on the lower section?  Many times people are surprised to see that their potential Cabin Hideaway is on aMOUNTAIN!  OMG like, WHAT were they thinking? This is the ROCKY MOUNTAINS. Sure, theres property that is level and ez to access, its called Kansas. MOST mountain properties will have some degree of slope or, more surprising to many, ROCK! Can you believe it? Oh, and while we're on the subject, how about what is that driveway or county road like in the Winter? We do get snow, you know!
4.  WATER! WATER! WATER! Ok folks.  heres the skinny on Colorado's water Law. Its Confusing, Complicated, Comvoluted and screwey.  Did I say its Confusing? For the FULL MONTY on Colorado Water Law go here:
But, for the short term, heres my take on the situation.  You cannot get a Domestic Livestock Watering Well on anything less than 35 Acres if you intend to drill for water in the State of Colorado anymore. Properties on acreages of LESS THAN 35 Acres with livestock (horses, yes they ARE livestock not PETS) are suspect.  You CAN haul water and store it in a Cistern, and water your LIVESTOCK with this.  However, your well, on anything less than 35 Acres is most likely a Domestic Household USE ONLY read the words HOUSEHOLD USE ONLY which clearly means IN THE HOUSE not outside, not watering any lawn, garden, car washing or ANYTHING outside. Yes, its a mess. Are people doing it? yes. Do I, as a BUYERS AGENT recommend you do this? Never in a million years. Its against the law and one day the Water cops may come knocking on your door to shut down your well, cause remember, you applied for a PERMIT and that does not give you any RIGHTS to the water in the ground in your Well that is all owned by the State. Sure, its been Overappropriated by them Outlaws, but still, owned by the State nonetheless.
So, in the short run have your BUYERS AGENT run down the well permit on any of those properties where you want to keep your ponies; there are a few out there that on less than 35 Acres that have an EXCEPTION for the owners personal domestic livestock; very few.  I have a listing with just this exception.  I think its worth its weight in gold, personally. 
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That the brief lesson for the day.  I hope you find this information useful.  If you, or any of your friends are considering buying any horse property in Teller or SE Park Counties, give me a call.  I will be glad to help educate you on the subject.  That is, when I am not out riding the Trails!
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